Welcome to a fresh ShaktiFlow!


I have been pouring some love into my website lately in order to bring it up to date and publicly share more about what I am up to these days.

Shakti has her own mysterious and delightful ways of moving through the world and through our lives. I just try to do my best to listen. So far she has taken me on some wonderful journeys that have always proven to be enriching, expansive and healing.

These days, I play QiGong daily, and like to experiment with how it blends with yoga. My conclusion is that they’re a great fit! The shaking, tapping and cupping of QiGong wakes up circulation and awareness of all body parts, which makes all yoga poses sing. The consistent emphasis on positive visualization coupled with rhythmic breathing promotes healthy self-reflection and clears away old habituated ways of thinking. New possibilities emerge. Health and wellness flourish. Joy grows.

When people ask me “what is QiGong?”, my simple and direct answer is to say it’s “Chinese Yoga”. They’re both about harmony in breath, mind and movement. They’re both about self-empowerment and wholeness.


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