More info about March workshops!

I am pleased to announce four Shaktiflow playshops in March! They will take place on Sunday afternoons, in the heart of Kensington Market. You can get all the details about where, when and how under Shaktiflow Playshop. For women only, all ages welcome.

Here is more info on the first workshop “Earth“. This will give you a feel for the tone of all the other workshops.
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Online registration is working!

Thanks to all the hard-working techies you can now register online for the Shaktiflow PlayShop events! Just use the Events tab up above.

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Move your body to the impulses of your soul

Shakti Flow movements are liquid. They curve, spiral, circle, undulate, ripple and sway within us and through us. Like water itself, the movements moisten and dissolve our dry places, leaving us refreshed and renewed.

A typical session includes centering and flowing exercises to warm up, strengthen and stretch all parts of the body, accompanied by inspiring music. A movement vocabulary is introduced through guided exercises, yet there is freedom to explore and improvise. Key areas of attention are the parts of us that are most feminine: our hips, bellies and breasts. We end with deep relaxation. Shakti energy is playful and intuitive.

Shakti Flow is for women only, of all ages and abilities. Every woman is a unique and beautiful manifestation of this divine energy. Shakti Flow gives permission to our succulent feminine selves to express this nature freely in motion and emotion. We move and unfold individually and together in a mutually supportive environment.

Shakti is the power of the cosmos and is closely associated with the Divine Feminine. Shakti Flow has birthed out of a desire to explore yoga, dance and breath in a flowing and feminine way.

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