Courses and Trainings

Radiant Lotus Women’s QiGong: Cultivate radiant health inside and out, through positive visualization, breathing and movement. Meet other wonderful women and have fun as you learn self care skills. This series has been designed by master teacher Daisy Lee to empower women at all ages and stages of life. Two locations to choose from: on the Danforth, or in Kensington Market.


@Akasha Studio. A six week course Mondays  March 24-May 5 (skip April 21), 6-7:15pm. $90. Drop in $20.

@21 Nassau St. Amenity Room A six week course Tuesdays March 25-April 29, 2014 7:15-8:30pm. $90. Drop in $20.


Pranayama: The Art and Science of the Breath : a 30 hour module offered as part of the Continuing Education and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) Program at Yoga Space.

This program runs on Friday evenings from 6-9:30pm starting April 25 and running to June 26, 2014.

Breath is life! You will learn everything you want to know about the anatomy and experience of breathwork as it applies to Yoga. You will transform yourself through the refinement of yogic energy techniques, and learn how to share this wisdom with others.

Karusia uses Pranayama practices extensively in her private Yoga Therapy practice. Read more about the course here.

250 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sundara Yoga, April 12-August 24, 2014

Angela Jervis-Read, Alan Gensho Florence and Karusia Nirmala Wroblewski have teamed together to design and offer a unique Yoga Teacher Training program. You will study a well-rounded approach to Yoga, including philosophy, anatomy, ethics, pedagogy and meditation, in addition to asana. Prepare to be challenged, and prepare to grow! You can sign up for the entire program, or choose one or both of the following specialized modules:

40 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, April 12-13, 26-27, May 3

40 hour Pawanmuktasana, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, May 4, 24-25, 31-June 1